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About Us

Incorporated in 2019, and based in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, Wenahardware is a secure online one-stop shop for all construction solutions for people to discover and purchase solutions for their construction needs ranging from all construction materials to household refurbishing items and professionals for both personal and commercial use. It is legally established as Wenahardware Uganda Limited and has its offices on Clement Hill Road, plot 27, suite 202, Kampala, Uganda. is an end to end virtual store dedicated to your construction and handyman needs for 'big or small' projects. From nails to cement purchases, construction professionals, and wallet cash top-ups. We deliver to you everything you desire to repair, renovate, or build your home or commercial project. 
Our services are:

  • Wena Hardware store where you order for construction materials and get them delivered to your preferred location anywhere in Uganda.
  • Wena Pros is a platform for the construction industry experts both as certified professionals and experienced masons with a track record of professionalism to offer affordable and reliable services. For Professionals and Fundis' needs, you have a pool of industry experts to choose from for your next project.  
  • Wena Global: One-stop-shop for sourcing global construction products. Order from the world's largest supplier base and enjoy full order protection. We understand that at some point as you construct, you pick inspiration from places beyond the borders. Wena Global enables you to ship in building material and unique finishes of your choice from all around the world. The product ranges of the items are from stock to a couple of items for your project.
  • Wena Wallet: Allows creating a save to build account and earn 10% Per annum interest accrued daily and redeemed as building materials of choice anytime. Terms and conditions apply. Create an account with us.
When you register with us, you just need your mobile number and email address to get started. Our services will enable you to safely make an online purchase without revealing your payment details. All your data and transactions are kept 100% secure, and our security measures adhere to the highest safety and security standards. A range of payment channels, including credit/debit card and Mobile Money, are available both on mobile and online devices to enable you to provide a seamless checkout experience. Wena also has Wena wallet as a payment solution where you can save your money as you plan your future transaction with an opportunity to earn interest. We strive to meet our client’s business needs with transparent and affordable price plans.
We pledge to make your construction journey more affordable with the utmost efficiency.